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in2destination within the Debate Forum “Sustainable Tourism in Mallorca”

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On May 31 took place the Forum of Debate “Sustainable Tourism in Mallorca“, organized by the Fundación Alternativas with the support of Fundació Mallorca Turisme and the Consell de Mallorca through infomallorca.net. From here we want to thank them for the deference they had for inviting us to be part of it.

in2destination was an integral part of the first round table, in which we discussed the concept of “Socially Responsible Tourism“, together with Aurora Pedro, PhD in Economics from the University of Valencia and professor of “tourism policy” at the university and with Joaquín Nieto, director of the International Labor Organization (ILO) of the United Nations for Spain.

We had the opportunity to discuss the relevance or not of the definitions of sustainability and how these definitions should also be transferred to the field of measurement. In addition, we insist on highlighting the current challenges that exist regarding the measurement of tourism, especially from a sustainable and environmental approach. We also stressed that our vision is that Big Data is not the end, but the means to answer the questions that the sector poses as key issues, and not all are susceptible to be answered with Big Data, some need official statistics, records, interviews and other methodologies.

In the second round table, focused on the challenges and opportunities of tourism in Mallorca (and, by extension, in the rest of the islands), it was debated whether it is a destination that suffers intensity or saturation. The answers were in the way that this intensity is perceived and, therefore, it has to be managed, but that there was no deep saturation. Even so, it was clear that a debate is needed on how to face the growth of tourism in the destination, if it is appropriate to put a stop to it and if the Palma airport has reached its maximum capacity.

The conclusions reached by those present were in line with the importance of the role of governance in the decision-making process of consensus, the importance of measurement, the subsequent intelligent use of the data obtained and the need to respect the residents.

Fundación Alternativas highlighted the work they carried out for Gipuzkoa (work in which in2destination was also part of) with the objective of deepening the challenges in which to work. Thus, it was reported how the Government of Gipuzkoa has already begun to work with a greater development in depth of the Tourist Observatory of Gipuzkoa and with specific actions with subsidies and aid aimed at strengthening the sector.

The final message in2destination wants to underline is that real actions can be launched after an in-depth study of each case.

We are grateful, once again, for being able to participate in this enriching debate and we also thank the audience, as it was very participative with reflections and questions to which the panelists try to respond.

A profitable edition for in2destination: FITUR 2018

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Beyond the reported record numbers of participants, exhibitors, press, among others attending Madrid tourism fair this past January, we rather highlight the quality of meetings and contacts maintained. From the point of view of professionals in the sector, the different conferences and workshops on various technologies applied to the sector, challenges from social, governance, environmental and even technological absorption perspectives have been very interesting.

In addition, in this edition our CEO, Nagore Espinosa PhD, has been part of one of the panels of the Fiturtech Forum, being a speaker at the conference dedicated to the “contribution of the tourism industry to the objectives of sustainable development”, which took place on Friday January 19th at the #techYsostenibilidad [tech and sustainability] exhibition organized by the ITH Hotel Technology Institute of Spain. Her presentation focused on the existence of demand that makes investing in sustainability profitable and on highlighting real and responsible initiatives that work in accordance with the SDGs 2030. Thus, she selected very committed international examples from Sweden, Argentina, Germany, US and also Spanish cases such as RURALSUITES in Navarra, example of accommodation and activity company, absolutely inclusive and sustainable or Ultzama School Farm, in the Ultzama Valley also in Navarra, with its project Caracol, the first Slow Food Interhttps://ruralsuite.com/national school in Spain, which offers a totally inclusive and sustainable space.

The examples cited by Nagore, go in the direction of what in2destination aims at, which is nothing more than accompanying tourism destinations and companies so that they are more Sustainable, More Inclusive and Smarter, providing them with a combination of strategic consulting, training and technology solutions.

We take this opportunity to encourage other entrepreneurs of knowledge and technology in tourism to participate in FITUR with their own stand. It was the first year that in2destination has opted to participate with its own space in the Startup area of the FITUR Know – How & Export stand of SEGITTUR and our assessment has been very positive. We have had a personalized stand, in an area shared with other entrepreneurs with whom synergies arise, also participating in workshops and assisting collaborators and entities interested in knowing the services and projects that we carry out at in2destination.

Fast forward to Aste Nagusia – Festivities in all three Basque capitals Let´s check out average prices and availability for key dates!

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Vitoria – Gasteiz, Donostia – San Sebastian and Bilbao are preparing their main festivities Aste Nagusia and we at in2destination have decided to use our own in2pricing solution in order to analyze average price and availability for entire homes and hotels for the key dates of each festivity, as they do not happen at the same time, so that you can enjoy them all!

Vitoria – Gasteiz has been analyzed for August 4th as the tipping point of Aste Nagusia. Data collected in July 17th shows a 30% availability of airbnb entire homes with capacity for two people and its average price is 78 € similar to one star hotels. Moreover, the cheapest average price is offered for airbnb private rooms and the most expensive for booking four-star hotels. 

Donosti – San Sebastian has been analyzed for August 12th, as the big day of Donostia´s Aste Nagusia, also collecting data on July 17th. The cheapest average price for that date is offered for one star hotels and the most expensive is for five star hotels. Airbnb entire homes, with capacity for two people, are offered at a rate in between two and three star hotels and the 40% of them are available.

Finally, Bilbao focus is on August 25th. The cheapest average price is offered for private rooms and the most expensive for five-star hotels (lower rate than Donosti).  Airbnb entire homes with capacity for two people are offered at a slightly lower rate than two star hotels and 52% of them were available on July 17th.

It should be noted that regarding availability each destination has been looked at with less or more time in advance, which clearly affects its availability rates.

in2destination is proud of the impact these weeks have on hotel occupancy of our Basque region, we hope around 100% occupancy rate is reached.

Aste Nagusia of each and every one of the three Basque capitals is very popular among us residents for six or seven days in a row festivities but also, each year, it is gaining more and more attention from visitors.  If you are on holidays those weeks do not hesitate to come to Vitoria, Donostia, Bilbao.