We (re) design your tourism observatory

Are you starting to measure, or do you already have an observatory, and you want to give it a twist?

We assist you in identifying the strategic questions to be answered by the observatory: which sources, methodology, analysis, publication and communication.

We are expert consultants for the UNWTO in tourism measurement and for INRouTe network, and we would be happy to put our knowledge at your service.

We measure the carrying capacity of your destination

Are there already areas of friction in your destination? Or do you want to anticipate yourself before they happen?

Without any doubt, measuring the carrying capacity of your destination, with the resulting alert system, will help you identify which areas to act on, with what priority and how.

We define the consensual VISION of your territory

What do you want your municipality, district, region to be like? What is your  destination’s vision? And do the rest of the agents share the same vision? Let’s reach a consensus!

We offer our technical knowledge in competitive, sustainable and inclusive development together with our practical knowledge of dynamics that facilitate these conversations to reach a consensus, YOUR VISION.

We define the STRATEGIC PLAN of your territory

Do you want to plan and define the actions that will lead you to achieve the change and the progress you want for your territory?

A light but well thought out document that is useful, understands the need for flexibility, collaboration, consensus reaching and being ambitious and realistic. We would be delighted to develop it with you.

We prepare your application to INSTO – UNWTO

Ready to join the International Network of Sustainable Observatories of the United Nations World Tourism Organization?

We supported the first Spanish tourism observatory to become part of the network, we organized and prepared all the documents for the candidacy. Since then, we have supported other destinations. Being part of INSTO is to mature as an observatory and as a destination, if that is what you are looking for, we are happy to help you apply.

We analyse your KPIs monthly

Whether you have little or many data at your disposal, it is often complex to combine daily tasks with follow-up activities and analysis of your main indicators.

Knowing your destination, we will provide you with the main KPIs and will illustrate them so that every month you have those indicators at hand in a visual and practical way along with the main conclusions.

We help you to develop data culture in your organization and destination

Do you invest in measuring, publish it and nobody reads it? When you meet with the tourism sector or your associates, and when you share the information you have measured they find it useful?

We have experienced it. In those situations, we have to work on the data culture, it is something we are passionate about and although it is a difficult task, it is the key for the entire value chain to be competitive and to make decisions based on data that answers strategic questions.

We test your products with LEAN methodology

Developing a product that then does not work involves an investment that we can try to avoid by using a lean approach.

We suggest: understanding the audience, validating quickly and then, iterate!

We assist in the (re) designing of business models

Are you defining your business model, or do you want to modify it to evolve?

We understand that you have to overcome the fear of making mistakes, making investments and then failing. We have accompanied hundreds of companies through this uncertainty, we will propose a process, we will accompany you and help you to define your model.

We train your team to be up to date

Do you want to advance in digitization or inclusion or sustainability, but you need help with what it implies?

From awareness to training, we accompany teams, destinations, territories, companies and associations to navigate the uncertainty from knowledge.