We believe that sustainable tourism is the only possible tourism. We contribute to making the challenge of territories to be habitable, inclusive and sustainable a reality.

We are researchers and innovators. A hybrid of academia and consultancy.

Our disruptive and innovative vision in our work leads us to ask different questions to find answers that we would not reach otherwise.

Sustainability is part of our DNA.

We integrate the 2030 Agenda and its SDGs in all the projects we work on. Our methodologies are based on the idea of sustainability as a cross-cutting element.

International vision.

We develop projects in different countries and continents, which enriches our intercultural way of thinking and working to achieve the objectives to be reached by our clients.

Co-creation as a principle.

We firmly believe in a collaborative work model, in which each actor involved in a project contributes their vision. We incorporate the users' knowledge and understand their needs in order to provide effective solutions.


We are passionate about our work and that is why we are fortunate. Tourism and social and territorial development are our intertwined fields. Each project is a challenge full of enthusiasm in which we put all our knowledge and experience for a better world.

Get to know us

Nagore Uresandi Espinosa

Director & Founder

“Tourism development must be compatible with the well-being of the people living there.”

“The design of tourism services must focus on people and their needs.”

Lady Giraldo Ortiz

Senior Consultant

“Tourism contributes to empowering enterprises as exponential, profitable and sustainable businesses.”

Laura Taroncher


“Sustainable tourism must preserve the identity of destinations and enhance their heritage.”