If we want to have competitive structures, continuous training is necessary to anticipate and adapt to new realities, solve crisis situations and develop innovative projects.

What do we offer?

We structure our training offer in 5 main blocks:

  • Innovative business models
  • Tourism measurement in destinations and companies
  • Sustainability in destinations and companies
  • Development of innovative tourism products
  • Inclusion in destinations and companies

Why us?

We teach at universities and provide training for multilateral organisations both offline and online.

We design practical, agile and easily replicable content for actors in the territory.

We use innovative and participatory methodologies and tools.

How do we do it?

We have designed a training model structured in content modules contemplating a minimum necessary to know basic concepts, scalable towards expert knowledge.

We adapt the content according to the needs and nature of the participants.

Offline and online face-to-face training.

Tools to streamline sessions that allow learning through practical exercises and success stories.


What have we done?

We invite you to read our projects