Lady Giraldo Ortiz

Consultora Senior

More than 18 years experience on supporting entrepreneurship with a technological base.

She has been participating in tourism projects for international development cooperation for 10 years.

She has participated in the technological and capacity mapping of the research groups of the EAFIT University – Colombia, in search of opportunities to commercialize intangibles. Also in the formulation and administration of spin off projects, as well as in the search for national and international resources for the execution and fine-tuning of the same.

She has accompanied more than 2,000 entrepreneurs and more than 600 business projects. She has managed and coordinated the application of policies, projects and activities that promote entrepreneurial culture in universities and is an advisor in the development of business models and plans; as in consulting projects in the development, acceleration and validation of new products / services and exponential business models.

You can learn more about my training and my professional career on my LinkedIn profile.

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