in2destination team organised on November 22nd 2016 the UNWTO & INRouTe workshop Subnational Tourism Measurement, hosted in Venice, Italy, by CISET. We had the opportunity to count with Eurostat and OECD, who organised the 14th Global Forum on Tourism Statistics that same week in Venice.

As the workshop agenda shows, this workshop marked the first occasion prior to a Global discussion to comment on the document recently submitted by INRouTe to UNWTO titled:“TOURISM, TERRITORY AND SUSTAINABILITY: A STATISTICAL INSIGHT AT SUBNATIONAL LEVELS – Toward a Set of UNWTO Guidelines” and its annexes.

Several INRouTe member, among them Nagore Espinosa, have significantly contributed as authors to the document led by Antonio Massieu, INRouTe´s chair. The deadline to submit comments is February 27th 2017, we would be happy to count with your feedback.