Thanks to our own technological solutions in2apartments and in2pricing, we analyse the amount, characteristics, availability and price dynamics, among other variables, of the accommodation supply, including apartments. We collect this information daily and are able to offer this information 30 or 45 days in advance, its daily evolution, weekdays, weekend, etc.

In the following infographic we reflect a selection of the variables that we studied for three tourism destinations of reference in Europe, in this case the cities of Barcelona, London and Venice.

In the case of Barcelona, of the total number of accommodation properties in the city of Barcelona, 50.1% are entire houses or apartments and 48.9% are private rooms, 1% offer in shared rooms. If we disaggregate London, we find a very similar reality, with a supply of whole houses of 51.3%, 47.4% of private rooms and only 1.3% of shared rooms. The case of Venice shows a somewhat different reality, since 80% of the accommodation offer published in Airbnb is in whole houses or apartments, 19% in private rooms and 1% in shared rooms. Thus, among other conclusions, we can see that there are destinations that are home to two different types of visitors: those who do not mind sharing the apartment and those who want the privacy offered by an entire apartment

On the other hand, data not only allow us to know the characteristics of the offer, but also shed light on the behaviour of demand with medium- and long-term forecasts. Select, for example, the cities of Madrid and Barcelona to show the current availability of tourist homes for this summer. In the following graphs we can see that while in the case of Barcelona, more than 50% of the total of the supply has already been closed, in Madrid still almost 70% of the offer remains available for the months of the summer high season (July and August).

in2destination team we understand that this data responds to questions that the destinations and agents of the sector face. We were born with the intention to accompany the agents of the sector to construct and to transform destinations and tourist resources into SMART – SUSTAINABLE – INCLUSIVE. Interesting? We are always open to new challenges