Dr. Unai Bernabé Artola (PhD)

Data Analyst

I have a PhD in Computer Science (2016), a Master in Research (2014) and the Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Engineering (2013) by Mondragon Universtity.

My doctoral thesis is focused on the analysis of comments generated by users in different social media using Natural Language Processing techniques, thus identifying strengths and weaknesses automatically. Currently, and as part of the in2destination team, I dedicate myself to the investigation of Natural Language Processing, developing Business Intelligence solutions, undertaking the collection of BIG DATA, mining and data analysis in multiple areas.

In addition, I contribute to the collection, cleaning and analysis of tourism data, from the perspective of supply and demand, as well as the study of the distribution of tourism in the territory.

If you want to know more about my training and my experience, you can consult my LinkedIn profile.

Thanks for your attention!