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Contributing to the development of sustainable tourist destinations in Colombia by pivoting in measurement.

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Within the framework of the Cooperation for International Development ERICA programme (Spain and its regions exchange knowledge with Antioquia) transfer pilot project on sustainable tourist destinations is being executed in Jericó (Antioquia, Colombia) and in2destination has been the chosen Spanish counterpart as tourism experts. Between July 9 and 13th our CEO Nagore Espinosa has had a mission to Colombia, in particular to Medellín and to Jericó, this latter municipality has been the object of the pilot project.

In this mission the team formed by professionals from the University of Antioquia, EAFIT University and in2destination have deepened in the international standards in measurement of tourism to approach the strengthening of Jericó, so that both the public administration and the private sector of Jericó will continue to work toward sustainability. Currently, the municipality and numerous service providers are certified as sustainable under the rules of the Ministry of Tourism of Colombia and this project strengthens this commitment and opens the way to deepen in the measurement of sustainable tourism development at the local level and the creation of sustainable tourism products.

It is an enriching project for all parties involved, as we all contribute and learn, because of the multidisciplinary of the team: tourism, biology, anthropology, economists, and because the people involved from the territory show a great initiative, commitment, they are eager to learn, to contribute and more importantly to implement the lessons learnt.

Part of the project implies measuring, a task that could seem of low interest. However, from the beginning it has been understood as a critical action for the good of the destination, tourism businesses and the host community. Thus, for in2destination team it is a cooperation for development work in which we are very much invested and we feel fortunate to have been chosen.

in2destination within the Debate Forum “Sustainable Tourism in Mallorca”

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On May 31 took place the Forum of Debate “Sustainable Tourism in Mallorca“, organized by the Fundación Alternativas with the support of Fundació Mallorca Turisme and the Consell de Mallorca through infomallorca.net. From here we want to thank them for the deference they had for inviting us to be part of it.

in2destination was an integral part of the first round table, in which we discussed the concept of “Socially Responsible Tourism“, together with Aurora Pedro, PhD in Economics from the University of Valencia and professor of “tourism policy” at the university and with Joaquín Nieto, director of the International Labor Organization (ILO) of the United Nations for Spain.

We had the opportunity to discuss the relevance or not of the definitions of sustainability and how these definitions should also be transferred to the field of measurement. In addition, we insist on highlighting the current challenges that exist regarding the measurement of tourism, especially from a sustainable and environmental approach. We also stressed that our vision is that Big Data is not the end, but the means to answer the questions that the sector poses as key issues, and not all are susceptible to be answered with Big Data, some need official statistics, records, interviews and other methodologies.

In the second round table, focused on the challenges and opportunities of tourism in Mallorca (and, by extension, in the rest of the islands), it was debated whether it is a destination that suffers intensity or saturation. The answers were in the way that this intensity is perceived and, therefore, it has to be managed, but that there was no deep saturation. Even so, it was clear that a debate is needed on how to face the growth of tourism in the destination, if it is appropriate to put a stop to it and if the Palma airport has reached its maximum capacity.

The conclusions reached by those present were in line with the importance of the role of governance in the decision-making process of consensus, the importance of measurement, the subsequent intelligent use of the data obtained and the need to respect the residents.

Fundación Alternativas highlighted the work they carried out for Gipuzkoa (work in which in2destination was also part of) with the objective of deepening the challenges in which to work. Thus, it was reported how the Government of Gipuzkoa has already begun to work with a greater development in depth of the Tourist Observatory of Gipuzkoa and with specific actions with subsidies and aid aimed at strengthening the sector.

The final message in2destination wants to underline is that real actions can be launched after an in-depth study of each case.

We are grateful, once again, for being able to participate in this enriching debate and we also thank the audience, as it was very participative with reflections and questions to which the panelists try to respond.

Press briefing of Alfredo Retortillo, Minister of Tourism, Commerce and Consumption of the Basque Government (Spain)

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Bilbao, June 28th 2017. The research project “Carrying Capacity of Euskadi tourism destinations”, prepared by the research team of the Tourism Department of the University of Deusto, together with the in2destination team led by our CEO Nagore Espinosa, was presented at a press conference by Alfredo Retortillo, Minister of Tourism, Commerce and Consumption of the Basque Government. The minister stressed the importance of sustainability within our destination, the high value of this study as a first picture of  the current situation in Euskadi.

The study was carried out during 2016 on six Basque municipalities: Vitoria-Gasteiz, Laguardia, Donostia-San Sebastián, Zarautz, Bilbao and Gernika-Lumo. The methodology of the study focuses in five dimensions: governance, territory, economy, social and environmental, which are addressed through secondary sources and primary sources: interviews with neighbourhood associations, mayors, destination managers, environmental managers, etc. , and surveys to citizens and visitors.

Asunción Fernández Villarán Ara, Director of the Department of Tourism of Deusto University stressed the importance of the collaboration between the UD, in2destination and the Basque Government to undertake this study and the experience the university has in its more than 50 years training professionals of the sector.

Nagore Espinosa, reporting on the results of the study, said:

  • The main type of accommodation chosen by tourists in Euskadi is the hotel, followed by pensions and campings. Apartments are chosen by 14% of tourists.
  • The importance of measuring excursionists for a sustainable management.  Smaller municipalities, with less accommodation supply host a higher amount of excursionists. Province capitals have a more balanced level of tourists and excursionists.
  • 35% of tourists staying in Bilbao explore beyond the city, especially the Bizkaia Bridge, San Juan de Gaztelugatze, Urdaibai and Donosti. In addition, within the city tourists visit Artxanda 10%, 30% visit the Guggenheim (inside), 46% explore the Old Town and 29% the commercial area.
  • In Donostia, 28.7% explore outside of Donosti: mainly Zarautz, Getaria, Biarritz, Hondarribia, Bilbao for an average of four hours. Of those who stay in Donosti, 57% go to the Old Town, 53% spend time in the commercial area, 14% go up to Igeldo.
  • In Vitoria-Gasteiz, 38% choose to go outside of the city visit, especially Bilbao, Santander, Laguardia, Ullibarri and Donosti, using an average of 8 hours outside Gasteiz. Within Vitoria a clear focus is the historical center 59%, 67% visit the commercial streets of Dato and surroundings and 8.3% visit the green ring of Sailburua

In order to conduct part of this study we have used a solution developed by in2destination called in2GISflow, thanks to which we obtain heatmaps such as the ones below:

Apartments, shared & private rooms, Do we know quantity, characteristics and occupancy in our destinations?

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Thanks to our own technological solutions in2apartments and in2pricing, we analyse the amount, characteristics, availability and price dynamics, among other variables, of the accommodation supply, including apartments. We collect this information daily and are able to offer this information 30 or 45 days in advance, its daily evolution, weekdays, weekend, etc.

In the following infographic we reflect a selection of the variables that we studied for three tourism destinations of reference in Europe, in this case the cities of Barcelona, London and Venice.

In the case of Barcelona, of the total number of accommodation properties in the city of Barcelona, 50.1% are entire houses or apartments and 48.9% are private rooms, 1% offer in shared rooms. If we disaggregate London, we find a very similar reality, with a supply of whole houses of 51.3%, 47.4% of private rooms and only 1.3% of shared rooms. The case of Venice shows a somewhat different reality, since 80% of the accommodation offer published in Airbnb is in whole houses or apartments, 19% in private rooms and 1% in shared rooms. Thus, among other conclusions, we can see that there are destinations that are home to two different types of visitors: those who do not mind sharing the apartment and those who want the privacy offered by an entire apartment

On the other hand, data not only allow us to know the characteristics of the offer, but also shed light on the behaviour of demand with medium- and long-term forecasts. Select, for example, the cities of Madrid and Barcelona to show the current availability of tourist homes for this summer. In the following graphs we can see that while in the case of Barcelona, more than 50% of the total of the supply has already been closed, in Madrid still almost 70% of the offer remains available for the months of the summer high season (July and August).

in2destination team we understand that this data responds to questions that the destinations and agents of the sector face. We were born with the intention to accompany the agents of the sector to construct and to transform destinations and tourist resources into SMART – SUSTAINABLE – INCLUSIVE. Interesting? We are always open to new challenges

MOVE2017 Save the Date!

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The Government of Navarra is organizing MOVE2017 International Conference in collaboration with the UNWTO, the UN specialized agency in Tourism. This is the fifth edition of the Conference on Sub-National Measurement and Economic Analysis of Tourism, created by the International Network INRouTe in collaboration with in2destination research and consultancy firm. MOVE2017 takes place every two years: 2009 in San Sebastián, MOVE2011 Bilbao, MOVE2013 Medellin, MOVE2015 Puerto Rico and now in beautiful and culturally enriching Pamplona.

MOVE2017 will be hosted in Pamplona (Navarra, Spain) from 22-24 November 2017:

– The first two days (November 22 and 23) will circle around a set of topics central to INRouTe work and Navarra’s interests: smart and sustainable urban and rural tourism thought successful case studies

– The last day (November 24th) will address topics defined by UNWTO with the consensus of the Government of Navarra including UNWTO Tourism Observatories initiative (INSTO).

We hope to see you in Pamplona!

Destionation Chair for ENTER2016 Int’l Conference

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Screen Shot 2015-12-09 at 14.28.18Nagore Espinosa, in2destination CoFounder, is Destination Chair for the International Conference ENTER2016 taking place in Bilbao from February 2nd to 5th 2016. Within this role as part of the Destination Track, she is organising a set of sessions  jointly with Stephanie Gallob from the European Travel Commission.

ENTER2016 theme is eTourism: Empowering Places and counts with a selected set of keynotes such as AirBnBBBVASEGITTURDFRCTripAdvisor…Within the Destination Track Nagore has organized a session with STR GlobalTrip4Real, and it is supporting  Ticino DMO with their own session with Sketchin.

The 23rd Edition of ENTER Conferences is being organised by  BasquetourBilbao TurismoDiputación de BizkaiaIFITTTecnalia and Vicomtech, in collaboration with CICtourGUNEEuropean Travel Commissionin2destinationwebatelier y Travel Technology Initiative.

We encourage you to register and seize four days of enriching conversations within a fabulous city!