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MAY 20th, 2020 – Webinar: Competitive and Sustainable Tourism in Europe coexisting with COVID-19 (fully in Spanish)

From in2destination we consider that this crisis should be a fantastic opportunity to develop competitive and sustainable tourism in Europe: redefining destination and company strategies, the way to proceed, gaining greater professionalism, competitiveness and sustainability in companies, resources, at the end at the destinations as a whole. Being able to contribute more, if possible, to the well-being of the residents of these destinations. It is a collective effort, to which each of us can contribute if we make that decision and add up. It is not that we start from scratch, there is already professionalism, commitment to sustainability and competitiveness in the value chain, but there is still a long way to go so that these values ​​embed the entire chain completely.

For this edition of the #change4tourism webinars, we are happy to have great professionals who share their vision on whether they agree with us on this vision and the steps they see must be taken to achieve it:

• Óscar Perelli, Director of Studies and Research, Exceltur.
• Juan Requejo, Director of Key Technical Assistance.
• Patrick Torrent, President NECSTouR, Executive Director of the Catalan Tourism Agency.

If you are interested in attending this webinar, please register and we will wait for you on May 20, 2020 at 5:00 p.m. CET.
Likewise, if you help us in the dissemination, we thank you very much!



MAY 13th 2020 – Webinar: Tourism co-existing with COVID-19 in European Destinations  (in English) 

All companies and destinations are agile planning and acting simultaneously. Thus, we thought it would be interesting for the audience to learn about the strategies, governance, innovation, digitalization, measuring and marketing that three European destinations might be thinking or already implementing. These destinations are Catalonia, Venice Region, and Croatia. The professionals sharing this information and experience with us are:

Mara Manente, Director of CISET (Centre of Studies on Tourist Economics) – University  Ca’Foscari Venice, Italy.

Damià Serrano, Marketing & Research Director, Catalan Tourist Board, Catalan Government, Spain.

Neda Telisman-Kosuta, Senior Researcher, The Institute for Tourism, Zagreb, Croatia

We believe this webinar should allow us all to reflect over the tourism development models that we desire for our territories during COVID-19 in 2020 and 2021 and further ahead.

Thank you very much to all who attended!! And thanks for the positive feedback!!

This can be watched again here , it was fully in English.

MAY 6th 2020 – Webinar: Innovation and Protocols in Products and Services to co-exist with COVID-19

In times of crisis it is easy to get carried away by negative, defeatist feelings, that is why it seems important to us to focus on cases to learn from, that inspire us to continuous improvement, to innovate, to collaborate with other agents, to get out of this crisis strengthened.

in2destination wishes to invite you to hear first-hand practical experiences from:

Ned Capeleris, General Manager, Hotel María Cristina The Luxury Collection

Yoana Viela, Founder and responsible for 18 degrees

Jorge Álvarez Dieguez, Director of the Hotel Gran Bilbao and President of the AEDH Basque Country (Spanish Association of Hotel Directors)

Jabier Fuertes Udaondo, “Txapas”. Manager – Owner of Troka Abentura, S.L., President AKTIBA Euskadi

Alvaro Clavijo, El Chato Restaurant, Bogotá, Colombia

This group of professionals has provided their companies to assist COVID patients19, has donated materials, has invested time to develop protocols to be ready when it can be opened, invests in training its employees during ERTEs, they have transformed their businesses to support their teams and families, and much more!

Thank you very much to all who attended!! And thanks for the positive feedback!!

This can be watched again here , it was fully in Spanish.

29 DE ABRIL DE 2020 – Webinar: Objective: Internal Tourism, How do we approach it in times of COVID-19?

Without a vaccine, which apparently will take between 12 and 18 months to be ready for distribution, unless the British announcements are complied with and made available in September, the return to normality will be expected. This in Tourism in Spain implies a very hard blow for 2.62 million jobs (INE, 2019). This blow can be reduced, if the tests begin to be carried out in large numbers. In this way, epidemiologists and other experts will begin to learn more about the virus and its impact on our population, so as to perhaps be able to progressively progress to a certain level of displacement. Always with social distancing measures, to sanitized spaces, and not in the presence of vulnerable populations.

This hopefully may lead us to undertake a certain level of domestic tourism, Spansh residents traveling through Spain. Hence, in2destination for its first webinar, in this series, has wanted to invite two representatives of destinations of the North of Spain, much greener, to discuss how to deal with this internal tourism living with the disease COVID-19:

Maitena Ezkutari Artieda, General Director of Tourism, Commerce and Consumption, Government of Navarra

Jose Luis Maestro Castiñeiras, Director of Competitiveness, Tourism of Galicia, Xunta de Galicia

In this webinar, you can listen to actions that these destinations are undertaking for this development of domestic tourism, so that their respective tourism companies have activity, economic support, adopt changes in the business model, and progress towards greater collaboration between private and public agents and towards sustainability.

Thank you very much to all who attended, and to Maitena and Jose Luis for sharing their knowledge!!

Here we provide the link to this webinar, it was fully in Spanish.

And thanks for the positive feedback!!

Cooperation for Development with Colombia: Sustainable and Inclusive Tourism

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Within the framework of the ERICA International Development Cooperation Program (Spain and its Regions Exchange Knowledge with Antioquia), in2destination transfers knowledge within the Pilot Transfer Project on Sustainable Tourism Destinations in Jericó, Antioquia. It is a project that began at the beginning of the summer of 2018 and included in its milestones is a Mission to Spain that took place from November 5 to the 10th of the same month.

The Mission to Spain consisted of the transfer of knowledge regarding the management of sustainable tourism destinations, generation of experiences and sustainable tourism products and measurement in tourism to the team formed by representatives of the University of Antioquia, the University of EAFIT and two tourism sustainable tourism companies: La Nohelia Ecotourism Center and Tourism and Events Jericó winners of the Sustainable Tourism Plans Contest. The team received training from in2destination on Monday and Tuesday and then the rest of the week it was dedicated to technical visits at Alluitz Natura, School Farm Ultzama, Rural Suites, Valle Salado de Añana, Ostatu Winery and Villa-Lucía Wine Museum.

The visits made were very well received by the Colombian team given that they involved first-hand learning about private leadership, conviction in gender values, sustainability, recovery of the rural world, inclusion and sometimes raising the value of a destination, joining forces to succeed as a destination, not just as the company itself.

The technical visits began with Alluitz Natura Shepherd Experience for a day, in Abadiño. From these tireless entrepreneurs the team learned the importance of putting focus on networking and selling, as it is very common for entrepreneurs to work in depth the offer and neglect the sale, reach customers, investigate satisfaction to detect improvements to be developed and re-sell each time through channels and with more efficient and successful messages. It was a good opportunity to highlight the importance of betting on revitalizing the rural world and bringing the urban society closer to day-to-day rural life through fun and respect.

One of the experiences that the team most valued was Ultzama Farm School, above all for the values that this entrepreneur defends and exercises: hiring local women under 30 and over 50 given the high unemployment that exists in these age & gender ranges, rescue and care of animals, transfer of knowledge to the visitor of the importance of the rural environment, animal care, the garden and its recovery, and disseminate the Slow Food movement, of which they are part, of good, clean and fair consumption.

In addition, thanks to the attractiveness that this activity generates in the territory and the good synergies that the Farm establishes with other companies in the territory, they are contributing to bringing tourism flows to the valley, thus contributing to the economic sustainability of the rural environment.

A round experience was the four-star Hotel Rural Suite as its entrepreneur leads a sustainable accommodation that is not only accessible to all publics, but it is also adapted and inclusive, he hires people settled in the territory, has an ecological orchard, organic oil production and he offers experiences as sustainable as possible in the territory of La Ribera adapted to all audiences. They are very knowledgeable about all the tourist resources of their territory and know how to value them in a way that also generates flows into the territory, contributing to the tourism destination development.

In Álava, the team learned about three initiatives: Salinas de Añana, Bodegas Ostatu and Villa Lucía Wine Museum. Salinas de Añana showed the commitment to recover a resource that was once the backbone of the territory in which it is located and as today it is again, from the production of salt betting on quality and not volume and combining it with tourist visits that contribute to buy salt and become prescribers and loyal customers. Sustainable management is one of the cornerstones of the people who promote the project and this is evident in the hiring of people, use of energy, use of materials, among other elements.

The Bodegas Ostatu were chosen for their commitment to being an environmentally sustainable winery and Villa Lucía for the 4D experience that both can be transferable to the careful coffee and “carriel” production in Jericó. It also served to learn from the beginning of the Ruta del Vino initiative as a tourism cooperation entity to which some leaders gave life and have been joined by many more to strengthen the Rioja Alavesa destination.


Rewarding sustainable tourism commitment

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The Nohelia Ecotourism Center and Jericó Tourism and Events are two companies committed to tourism sustainability in their municipality, Jericó, Antioquia, Colombia. Thus, they are the winners of the Sustainable Tourism Plans Competition.

This contest has been organized within the pilot transfer project on sustainable tourism destinations framed within the international development cooperation program ERICA (Spain and its Regions Exchange Knowledge with Antioquia) of which the University of Antioquia, the University of EAFIT, the Mayor’s Office of Medellín, the Government of Antioquia, the University of Antioquia Foundation and the Spanish Agency for International Development Cooperation (AECID) are part.

The objectives of the contest are:

  • Promoting leadership among providers of tourism services in sustainable tourism development.
  • Providing feedback on sustainable tourism development action plans within tourism service providers.
  • Transferring knowledge of good international practices on the development of sustainable tourism products and services.

These two companies in order to win have presented two action plans to improve sustainable tourism development in Jericó with solid and complementary proposals, supported by companies and territorial authorities. Wining the contest means the following to them:

  • receiving comments from an international jury about their action plans,
  • In November it will allow them to come to Spain together with the rest of the team involved in the project, to learn about sustainable destination management and the development of sustainable products and services
  • Visibility: it is a recognition of their work, spreading their commitment in Colombia and internationally

La Nohelia

La Nohelia Ecotourism Center located in Jericó surrounded by coffee crops promotes the Coffee Culture and Experiences in contact with Nature. La Nohelia offers accommodation, catering services, bicycle rental, scenic tours and bird watching. In his own words: “Privileged by our geographical location in the Western Cordillera of the Andes and the Piedras River basin, which allows us to observe between the mountains the different colors of sunrise and sunset, surrounded by coffee farms and peasant houses where coffee aroma is breathed and the sweet melody of the turpial birds is heard “.

Tourism and Events Jericó

“We are a company that sells tourism products and services at the regional, national and international levels, we implement the Sustainable Management System recognizing environmental, sociocultural and economic aspects, establishing actions to mitigate the impacts we generate in the development of our work.”

“One of the services we offer is Experience in the Clouds: This Jericoan paradise located at 2,400 meters above sea level allows you to have direct contact with nature, in its journey you can appreciate a variety of native flora, this being the perfect habitat for wild animals unique in the territory, which, together with the breeze and the sounds of the wind, make you live a pleasant moment that you will hardly forget. ”