in2destination trains our clients for the smart development of their destinations, tourism resources, event venues, tourism businesses, etc. The image shows a training session on tourism statistics according to UN recommendations in Myanmar, 2016.

We are highly qualified to transfer knowledge thanks to our experience in the tourism sector (destinations, hotels, wineries, event venues, etc.), in research and in academic training,

We offer ad hoc training as part of our projects for those who need further knowledge on smart, sustainable and inclusive destination development and transformation.

We use dynamic and innovative learning methodologies that encourage student participation, combining theoretical sessions with practical and personalized reflection exercises.

in2destination team is specialised in training in the following areas:

  • Intelligent destinations
  • Sustainability
  • Accessibility and inclusiveness
  • Tourism measurement
  • Development of national and sub-national tourism statistics systems
  • Tourism governance

For whom? 

  • Destination managers
  • Associations
  • Professional networks
  • Tourism companies
  • Entrepreneurs who focus their project within the tourism sector