Measuring Tourism

Every industry needs to measure demand and supply, competitiveness, innovation, sustainability, because measuring is information, key for successful decision making.

Thanks to measuring in tourism, we can gain knowledge of, among others:

  • size and characteristics of supply and demand;
  • reputation of destination, museums, hotels, parks, and brand awareness;
  • visitor behaviour within and beyond the destination per type of visitor;
  • existing barriers for visitors to explore beyond the key hotspots;
  • size of tourism apartment supply and price comparison with hotels;
  • tourism carrying capacity for destinations;
  • relationship of residents (host community) and visitors;
  • assessing ICT implementation levels.

In in2destination, we offer technical and strategic consulting in tourism and sustainable tourism measurement and analysis.
We are expert consultants for UNWTO (United Nations World Tourism Organization) and expert contributors to the development of guidelines on subnational measurement of tourism, process led by INRouTe (International Network on Regional Economics, Mobility and Tourism), which accredits us to offer measurement services in the tourism sector.

How do we do it?

We combine the use of official statistics with the execution of special statistical operations for the collection of primary data. Those operations can be surveys, interviews, focus groups or the use of large volumes of data publicly available through the application of our own methodology  (BIG DATA solutions of in2destination) or with external solutions.

Our Tourism Big Data products: