Strategic Consulting

In2destination accompanies, advises and transfers the necessary knowledge for destinations, resources and tourism companies to become competitive and innovative, through principles of intelligence, sustainability and inclusion.


How do we do it?

Through our own methodology, which is structured in 4 phases:

  • Measuring: A diagnosis of the starting situation and the remains that the destination or the company or group of companies under study is facing is undertaken. In this case, we combine the use of official statistics tools and own technological solutions of Big Data analysis.
  • Planning: In this phase we work to define the vision, the strategic objectives and which actions will allow us to achieve them, always in accordance with the principles of intelligent, sustainable and inclusive development and to formulate them in a participatory process with the relevant agents.
  • Implementing and training: We accompany in the process of achieving the established objectives and provide training if necessary.
  • Evaluating: It is essential to evaluate as the implementation is progressing in order to detect deviations, barriers, and if needed to re-measure in order to deepen the issues that have arisen and are necessary.

Who are our consulting services addressed to?

To Destination Managers, we help them in:

  • Strategic reflections on the direction of tourism development in its context.
  • Terms of destination management and governance.
  • Encouraging collaboration between the public and private sectors.
  • The generation of products that emphasize the value of the authenticity and character of the place, while empowering the community.

To Resource Managers, tourism companies or event venues we help them in:

  • Developing and implementing strategies that allow having business models and products to reach the market.

And this through our areas of specialization:

  • Governance and institutional strengthening
  • Management of intelligent and sustainable destinations
  • Tourism quality plans
  • Development Plans and Strategic planning in emerging territories and re-conversion of mature destinations
  • Accompaniment in the technical design of public policies in tourism, territory, innovation, sustainability and accesibility
  • Tourism Innovation: Big Data, ICTs
  • Accompaniment in internationalization and investment in LATAM – EUROPA
  • Planning and execution of plans for sectorial and institutional competitiveness
  • Innovative solutions and development of R & D & i plans in tourism
  • Business and product development in the meeting industry, urban and nature tourism, health tourism, Slow City
  • Project design and customized management
  • Conducting studies, publications and sector reports (Tourism)