Tourism Observatory of Bizkaia to analyze and carry out research on supply, demand and the socio-economic impact of tourist activity in Bizkaia.

Client: Provincial Council of Bizkaia

Country and date of execution: Bizkaia, Euskadi, Spain, 2019-2022.

Category: Measuring

Project description

We love these kinds of projects where the destination wants to measure based on data. Then we work on the data to interpret it correctly, in accordance with the methodologies that have been followed to obtain it, and we present it in a very visual way to facilitate its use by the different target audiences.

In this project, which we develop with a partner, both the supply and the demand are measured, both hikers and tourists, as well as social sustainability from the perspective of the residents of Bizkaia, all from primary and secondary sources.

It is always very important for each destination to work out what strategic questions there are and then see the methodologies that best respond to them. To then measure and present the data clearly, rigorously and very usable.