Technical Assistance to Support the General Direction of Tourism, Commerce and Consumption of the Government of Navarra in the Tourism Management of SARS-CoV-2 and  Development of the Tourism Action Plan 2020 – 2025

Client: Government of Navarra

Country and date of execution: Navarra, Spain, April – July 2020

Category: Planning

Project description

We first began by evaluating the starting situation at Easter 2020, and in continuous coordination with the General Directorate, we first proceeded to define scenarios for 2020-2022.

In April, we wrote the scenarios and they were clear jars of cold water for the sector, because we had to show that it was not a crisis of a couple of months, but that it would last more than a year and the recovery would take years to reach levels of 2019.

Next, we proceeded to design virtual participation dynamics to be able to carry out the contrast of all the contents that we generated, first with general management and his team, then with selection of representatives from the private sector, and followed with an expanded version of representatives from the private and public sector.

Thus, we were able to reach a consensus and translate into the plan the vision, mission, transversal values, strategic lines and the rest of the details of the plan.

Finally, we also develop a protocol on how to be prepared for future crises. This part seemed important to us, because in many territories, not only in Navarra, companies had made investments just before the declaration of a state of alarm and working on the information in advance and communicating it preventively can help the sector to be prepared.