Technical Assistance Mission to the Ministry of Tourism of East Timor on Tourism Statistics

Client: UNWTO – United Nations World Tourism Organization

Country and date of execution: Dili, East Timor, February 2016 – March 2016

Category: Measurement and Training

Description of the project

The Ministry of Tourism of East Timor contracted the United Nations World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) to advise it on national tourism measurement and tourism satellite account. UNWTO hired Nagore Espinosa Uresandi as an expert in tourism measurement to develop the project. Description of the services provided by Nagore Espinosa Uresandi as expert selected for the development of the project:

  • Evaluation of the national tourism statistics system
  • Review of documentation on the starting situation in the collection, processing and publication of tourism statistics in the whole country.
  • One-week mission to East Timor to develop the following actions:
  • Meetings with the Ministry of Tourism team
  • Diagnosis of the initial situation
  • Providing training in Dili to the Ministry of Tourism, the National Institute of Statistics, the Central Bank and the Ministry of Immigration, the University and the Tourism Sector on tourism measurement at the national and subnational levels
  • Diagnostic report
  • Report on the mission
  • Proposed recommendations and priorities
  • Project proposal for future projects