Strategic Tourism Plan of Navarre: Rural focus, sustainability and inclusion

Client: Asistencias Técnicas Clave– Government of Navarre, Department for Tourism and Trade

Country and date of execution: Spain, November 2016 – March 2017

Category: Strategic consulting

Description of the Project

Asistencias Clave S.L. has developed the strategic tourism plan for Navarre, and Nagore Espinosa is part of the team. Specifically, N. Espinosa has done:

    • Numerous individual interviews throughout the territory of Navarre with tourist entrepreneurs, local incoming agencies, representatives of local associations and the whole of Navarre, representatives of municipalities and counties. For:
      • carrying out an analysis of the productive chain of the tourism sector in Navarre along the five zones (Atlantic Pyrenees, Eastern Pyrenees, Middle Zone, La Ribera and Pamplona) identifying the tourism product, a tourist resource highlighted by the sector in each sub-region and then contrasted with available data
      • the identification of transversal challenges to the competitive and intelligent development of the sector
    • Strategic proposals with emphasis on sustainable and accessible tourism transversal to the plan
    • Participatory dynamics to contrast the draft plan with the private and public tourism sector (focus groups with all sub-regions)
    • Dynamics of collecting comments from the technical team of the Department of Tourism of Navarre by holding numerous participatory workshops