Recommendations on carrying capacity management and Strategic Plan for Sustainable Tourism for Sitges

Client: Sitges City Council

Country and date of execution: Sitges, Catalonia, Spain, April – December 2020

Category: Planning

Project description

Prior to this project, IN2destination had evaluated the carrying capacity of Sitges, and had detected a series of alerts and their absence, using our 5-dimensional methodology.

In this project, the forward look is addressed, thus we issue recommendations, formulating concrete measures to improve the five (5) dimensions of sustainability for a better management of tourist carrying capacity and a better sustainable development of tourism in Sitges.

Additionally, the Sitges Sustainable Tourism Strategic Plan was developed for the Sitges City Council, in collaboration with the private sector, to undertake actions in the medium term to advance in the recommendations, in the development of sustainable tourism.

For the process of developing a plan, a lot of dialogue must be given, and we put our knowledge in virtual or face-to-face participatory techniques at the disposal of our clients.