Planning of Territorial Planning, Heritage Conservation and Economic Development Department of Sacatepéquez(Guatemala)

Client: PRONACOM Government of the Republic of Guatemala

Country and date of execution: Department of Sacatepéquez, Guatemala November 2017 – October 2018

Category: Strategic Consulting and Measurement

Description of the Project

Define the master plan for the territory of Sacatepéquez. The in2destination team, in the person of Nagore Espinosa, leads the entire tourism part of this project.

Within the framework of this work, in2destination has undertaken, among others, the following tasks:

  • Sustainable Tourism Diagnosis of the current situation: Identification of supply and demand, as well as insufficiently developed assets or those that put the sustainability of the territory at risk. Participatory methodology, interviews and focus groups
  • Calculation of the Carrying Capacity of Antigua Guatemala
  • Elaboration of tourist / heritage itineraries (corridors) based on the participatory diagnosis and contrasting the process once again with the private and public agents of the territory.
  • Potential of the national and international visitor centre. Analyse the relevance of having new centres, where and for what functions.
  • Identification of new tourism products
  • Strategies to reduce the pressure and negative impacts of “mass tourism” on the territory as a whole.