Development of the Intel.litur Research Plan of the Catalan Tourism Agency CAT – relating to all the measurements carried out by CAT

Client: Catalan Tourism Agency

Country and date of execution: Catalonia, Spain, March – July 2020

Category: Planning and Measuring

Project description

This project involved reviewing what was being measured, why, what for … and a few more questions, to then contrast with the strategic priorities that are targeted in planning and marketing.

To then go on to propose the 5-year Intel.litur research plan in great detail and as clear and practical as possible so that it can be applied as easily as possible.

Thus, we proposed questions for continuous measurement, others for measurement with a certain cadence, others to evaluate the implementation of the plan itself, etc.

Likewise, two very important areas were (1) the content map crossed with the target audiences most interested in those contents, as well as the calendar and (2) the methodological proposal to improve the transfer of knowledge of the research results. That is to say: WORK FOR THE CULTURE OF DATA.

This part is key, if not, it is very difficult for the different target audiences to use all the valuable measurement that is carried out.