Episode #4 Global Nomads meet Local Heroes to transform a destination

In this episode, our CEO and host, Nagore Uresandi, had the pleasure of hosting Terry Stevens, a renowned international tourism expert with over 50 years of experience in destinations, development, and place-making He is the Founder & Managing Director of  STEVENS & ASSOCIATES and has worked in over 50 countries and held influential positions in both the public and private sectors, his expertise sheds light on the importance of trust, embracing innovation, and collaborative efforts in driving successful destination development.

During the insightful conversation, Terry Stevens shares valuable insights on transforming places, with a particular focus on South Somerset in the UK. The aim is to inspire destinations confronting similar challenges by highlighting key takeaways:

  1. Trust & leadership play a vital role in successful destination development.
  2. Embracing new ideas is crucial for shaping the future of tourism.
  3. Collective efforts can lead to impactful changes, shaping the growth of a destination.
  4. Uniqueness, co-creation of multi-layered experiences, and collaboration are essential elements for thriving destinations.