Within the framework of the European Year of Cultural Heritage, NECSTouR and the Catalan Tourism Agency, which currently hosts the NECSTouR presidency, organised a relevant workshop entitled “Better places to live, better places to visit” in Barcelona on April 19th at the Maritime Museum of Barcelona.

Dr. Nagore Espinosa, in her double role as CEO of in2destination and INRouTe network expert and coordinator, participated as moderator in the round table “Putting culture and citizens: at the center of the tourism experience”.

The focus of the event, and of this roundtable, was the triangle: Culture, Visitor, Resident and how we should develop cities for the well-being of our residents, and what is good for the resident will be good for the visitor, and how the development and promotion of culture is key for our residents and for the sustainable development of tourism.

In addition, a key element of the event was the presentation to the physical and streaming audience of the Barcelona Declaration on Tourism and Cultural Heritage, which represents a clear commitment to ensure the sustainability of the cultural heritage, its territory and destination and to generate a balanced benefit between the culture, the host community and tourists.