in2destination has participated in the Meetings with International Experienced Basque Businesses organized by Bilbao Ekintza, December 21st in Bilbao, where in2destinawe were able to enjoy an exchange of experiences by a renowned set of professionals from our territory currently based in Mexico, China, Peru and India.

Speakers: Francisco Pi Martínez, representative of IDOM and Emprebask México; Nuria Celorio, Eseune Business School; Inés Murueta-Goyena, AZIN and representatives of EKIN India Rubén Manzanedo and Virginia Estefanía highlighted the relevance of humbleness, openness and comprehension of other cultures, and being able to operate under uncertainty contexts when intending to internationalize our activity of business. According to in2destination experience, we could not agree more with these values. Moreover, speakers stress the relevant potential of Basque businesses to become international given that markets respond well to know-how, efficiency in management, financial capacities, innovation and ICT dominance. 

Thank you Bilbao Ekintza for this enriching opportunity!