in2destination, in its mission to give visibility to women’s work and to empower young women to have female role models, has interviewed Ainara Merino, Sara Baceiredo and Adriana de la Cruz. These three women, passionate about photography and in love with the landscapes of the Basque Country, have created Captura Camp, a project that combines tourism and photography with a clear perspective of sustainability.

 How does Captura Camp emerge?

Since we were little we always dreamed of going to some photography camps, meeting people with similar interests and having fun. Over the years, we are still attracted to photography but we combine it with our travels, in order to capture experiences, moments and situations, that is, we are passionate about photographic tourism. At the same time, we are aware that we do not have to go too far to find extravagant destinations because we have to appreciate what we have at home. Therefore, we want to make the Basque Country known, and we want to do it in a different way.


What is Captura Camp and who is it for?

 We decided to create Captura Campo taking into account 3 basic points: photography, tourism and the landscapes of our area. Captura Camp is a photographic tourism camp that will take place in the Basque Country. This camp is designed and addressed to young people between 15-18 years old from all over Spain and in it; we will use photography as a tool to work on creativity, teamwork and responsibility towards our environment.

Responsible Tourism

 Just as everything evolves, Captura Camp also wants to be part of evolution. That is why we have incorporated the concept of sustainable tourism with the help of Nagore Espinosa, claiming the importance of the local, of reducing waste during the trip and getting under the skin of the culture.

We believe in the development of creative minds in young people, in the exciting discovery of new destinations, in team spirit and in a new concept of tourism.

Which is our mission?

To create an enjoyable experience that captures everything and makes a positive impact on our environment.

At Captura Camp, they have proposed to measure for themselves the impact of their camps on the territory and from in2destination, of course, we applaud them for this. Measuring is key so that in each edition of the camp it is known which areas need to be improved in order to continue progressing towards sustainability. Our best wishes!