The fifth edition of the International Conference on Measurement and Economic Analysis of Tourism at the Subnational Level – MOVE was held on November 22, 23 and 24 in Pamplona Navarra. The Government of Navarre, immersed in the implementation of its strategic plan with a clear focus on sustainability and in making decisions based on data, organized MOVE. For this, it has had the contribution of in2destination in the design of the program and in the leadership of the scientific committee, with INRouTe network that created these conferences to advance in a framework of recommendations on measurement of tourism at subnational levels and with the participation of the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO).
MOVE2017 had an official welcome at the opening by Manu Ayerdi Olaizola, Vice President of Economic Development of the Government of Navarra. The Vice President expressed the commitment of his government to turn Navarra into a territory with a sustainable and intelligent tourism development, as evidenced by the allocations assigned to this sector in the preliminary draft of the General Budgets of Navarre for 2018, presented at a press conference to early that week.
Likewise, they also took part in the official welcome Maitena Ezkutari, (General Director of Tourism and Commerce of the Government of Navarra), who highlighted the commitment of Navarra to advance in a sustainable, innovative and inclusive tourism development, making decisions based on data, Márcio Favilla, (Executive Director of Operational Programs and International Relations at the United Nations World Tourism Organization) recalled that although this year (IYSTD) is coming to an end, we must continue working for sustainable tourism, the only possible one, Antonio Massieu, (President of INRouTe), who pointed out the importance of having common guidelines for an effective measurement system at subnational levels, Dr. Nagore Espinosa, (CEO of in2destination), called to action, so that all attendees and speakers begin to apply what was discussed in the conference “to truly take steps towards sustainable tourism, collaborate, invest in measuring and communicate”.
MOVE2017 was divided into 7 sessions during the 3 days in which it was held, each session with a main thematic axis:
– Session 1: Advancing Subnational Tourism Measurement from Official Statistics
– Session 2: Notable Subnational Case Studies that advance subnational measurement of tourism beyond official statistics
– Session 3: How to contribute to the achievement of SDG 2030 from a subnational perspective?
– Session 4: From Turismophobia to Adequate Compression of Tourism Impacts
– Session 5: Pioneers of a complex management of sustainable tourism
– Session 6: Environmental Perspective: Measurement of Tourism Sustainability at subnational level
– Session 7: Sustainable, Inclusive and Innovative Entrepreneurship in Tourism
Throughout all of them there have been coinciding messages appealing to the public and private sector at various levels to collaborate closely, to measure to use that measurement in decisions.
QUOTES from MOVE2017:
Marcio Favilla, Executive Director of Operational Programs and International Relations at the United Nations World Tourism Organization. “We need to measure to be able to manage sustainably”

Terry Stevens Director of Stevens & Associates, United Kingdom. “Life is like a parachute, it only makes sense when it is open, open your minds, measure what you want to be in the future”

Calvin Jones, Professor at Cardiff Business School, Wales. “We should not forget to link the analyzes that are made of tourism with territorial development, with studying the efficiency and added value of local companies, compared to companies from outside the territory”
Juan Requejo. Director of Technical Assistance Clave, Spain. On the exponential growth of tourist housing: “Why do we call it tourism when we want to say real estate promotion?”
Mara Manente, Director of CISET, Italy. “We need to diversify the offer, manage flows beyond the center, now Venice itself is the biggest competitor of museums and other resources of the city and region”
Oscar Perelli. Research Manager in Exceltur, Spain. “It is essential that measurement is incorporated into the decision-making process”
In short, they were very intense but very fruitful days, thanks to all the attendees and speakers who contributed to very interesting discussions, we hope to see you in the next edition, MOVE2019.
If you are interested in seeing the videos of the different speakers, the photos of the event, reading the papers accepted and presented and the conclusions of the event, we encourage you to visit the resources section of the MOVE2017 website here. The conclusions and videos are still in issue in coming days will be available.