Coordination of Networks, Associations and Events

Coordination of Networks or Associations

In2destination is formed by an expert team of tourism consultants with excellent organizational skills and knowledge of methodologies that promote dialogue between agents and encourage the achievement of conclusions or proposals for common objectives. In addition, we algo have a worldwide network of contacts which enables the strengthening of alliances between experts, clusters of companies and other organizations within the sector. In this sense, we offer the service of coordinating agent of networks or associations which in a neutral way and with knowledge in different areas of the sector, can benefit to reach the goals that a network or association of professionals proposes.

Its experience in this area is exemplified by Dr. Nagore Espinosa, CEO of in2destination, who since 2010 has been coordinating the International Network of Experts in Tourism Measurement at the Subnational Level – INRouTe. The network counts on experts from many cultures and countries who contribute voluntarily to a common goal. From the outset, the in2destination team took the baton to continue promoting that this network as well as its work can continue. For this reason, we are not only coordinators, but also experts of the network itself.

On the other hand, in in2destination we open to work projects in collaboration with other entities as an expert in tourism, to strengthen joint projects, from our areas of expertise such as tourism measurement, the use of ICTs, the competitive planning of the sector, sustainability, inclusion and innovation.

Events coordination

In in2destination we also offer services of coordination and execution of events related to the tourism sector (Congresses, Conventions, Seminars, Project Dissemination Events,etc.). We have a long experience in the execution of successful events in New York, Venice, Medellin, San Juan (USA), Bilbao, Donostia, Pamplona, Malaga, among others. In adittion, as coordinators of the INRouTe network we organize annual international events to disseminate the latest advances in measurement and to open debates that identify new challenges.