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Rewarding sustainable tourism commitment

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The Nohelia Ecotourism Center and Jericó Tourism and Events are two companies committed to tourism sustainability in their municipality, Jericó, Antioquia, Colombia. Thus, they are the winners of the Sustainable Tourism Plans Competition.

This contest has been organized within the pilot transfer project on sustainable tourism destinations framed within the international development cooperation program ERICA (Spain and its Regions Exchange Knowledge with Antioquia) of which the University of Antioquia, the University of EAFIT, the Mayor’s Office of Medellín, the Government of Antioquia, the University of Antioquia Foundation and the Spanish Agency for International Development Cooperation (AECID) are part.

The objectives of the contest are:

  • Promoting leadership among providers of tourism services in sustainable tourism development.
  • Providing feedback on sustainable tourism development action plans within tourism service providers.
  • Transferring knowledge of good international practices on the development of sustainable tourism products and services.

These two companies in order to win have presented two action plans to improve sustainable tourism development in Jericó with solid and complementary proposals, supported by companies and territorial authorities. Wining the contest means the following to them:

  • receiving comments from an international jury about their action plans,
  • In November it will allow them to come to Spain together with the rest of the team involved in the project, to learn about sustainable destination management and the development of sustainable products and services
  • Visibility: it is a recognition of their work, spreading their commitment in Colombia and internationally

La Nohelia

La Nohelia Ecotourism Center located in Jericó surrounded by coffee crops promotes the Coffee Culture and Experiences in contact with Nature. La Nohelia offers accommodation, catering services, bicycle rental, scenic tours and bird watching. In his own words: “Privileged by our geographical location in the Western Cordillera of the Andes and the Piedras River basin, which allows us to observe between the mountains the different colors of sunrise and sunset, surrounded by coffee farms and peasant houses where coffee aroma is breathed and the sweet melody of the turpial birds is heard “.

Tourism and Events Jericó

“We are a company that sells tourism products and services at the regional, national and international levels, we implement the Sustainable Management System recognizing environmental, sociocultural and economic aspects, establishing actions to mitigate the impacts we generate in the development of our work.”

“One of the services we offer is Experience in the Clouds: This Jericoan paradise located at 2,400 meters above sea level allows you to have direct contact with nature, in its journey you can appreciate a variety of native flora, this being the perfect habitat for wild animals unique in the territory, which, together with the breeze and the sounds of the wind, make you live a pleasant moment that you will hardly forget. ”


World Tourism Day 2018 – Tourism and digital transformation

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The tourism sector has experienced and continues to experience continuous growth until it becomes one of the fastest growing economic sectors in the world, and, at present, it is finally recognized as a key engine of socioeconomic progress that benefits communities across the globe.

In fact, the World Tourism Organization confirms that, today, tourism represents 10% of world GDP, 7% of global trade and provides one in every 11 jobs worldwide. Likewise, the fact that more than 1.3 million people travel to other countries in just one year means that tourism has become a force for intercultural dialogue, social inclusion, peace and reconciliation and sustainable development (UNWTO, 2017).

As any other strong economic sector, tourism must be managed with an orderly, sustainable and innovative planning. And in order for this message to spread throughout society, managers of destinations and companies at a global-local level, the celebration of World Tourism Day is essential.

In fact, this was the case, at the request of the General Assembly of the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO), World Tourism Day was established in 1979, specifically on September 27. The date was chosen to promote awareness among the international community regarding the importance of tourism and its social, cultural, political and economic value due to, on the one hand, coinciding with the anniversary of the approval of the UNWTO Statutes in the year 1970 and on the other, for being the time of the year in which tourism occupies a leading place in the activities of millions of people, given that the date coincides with the end of the peak travel season for the northern hemisphere and the beginning of it for the southern hemisphere.

The event has tried to contribute over the years to address the global challenges identified in the United Nations Development Goals for the Millennium (MDG) in 2000 and the current 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) 2030 and to influence the contribution that the tourism sector can make to achieve all the aforementioned objectives.

The World Tourism Day in 2018 will be celebrated by the international community in the Hungarian capital, Budapest, and the thematic focus of this year will be innovation and digital transformation. Therefore, this September 27, will try to help to highlight the opportunities for sustainable tourism development provided by technological advances.

Like every year, in2destination will join the celebration of World Tourism Day, but this time, it will do so with more enthusiasm than ever, if possible, given that the slogan ”Tourism and Digital Transformation” is closely linked to the company’s activity.

In2destination team is committed to digitalization and the incorporation of technological advances since we believe that it allows companies and destinations to make data-driven decisions for a more sustainable, inclusive and smarter tourism management.

At in2destination, we believe it is important to point out that innovation is not only technological, we also have to innovate to improve the inclusion of the growing senior population, of the diverse abilities collective, and of the LGBT + collective, among others, and non-technological innovations are required as well.

In this line, the in2destination team is committed to raising awareness of the importance of measuring to make an efficient use of resources, to be aware of the impacts that are generated and to take measures to move steadily and firmly towards sustainability and inclusion.

Happy World Tourism Day for all of us who belong to this exciting sector!

Let’s keep it up! 🙂

Highlighting the importance of measurement before students of Deusto University

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On December 1, 2017, the Department of Tourism of the University of Deusto together with the Department of Tourism of the Basque Government celebrated the San Francisco Javier Conference once again, this time on the San Sebastian campus. The title of the day was THE IMPORTANCE OF MEASUREMENT IN TOURISM, an issue without doubt extremely relevant if destinations and companies are committed to developing sustainable tourism.

Precisely in this line the President of SEGITTUR, Fernando de Pablo, gave a keynote address on Smart Tourist Destinations and measurement of tourism. The importance of data management. Within the concept of Intelligent Destinations that SEGITTUR has been advocating for years, sustainability is included and data-driven decision-making is defended, not only traditional sources but also intelligence systems fed from unstructured data sources that are generated at high speed (BIG DATA). Likewise, De Pablo called attention to the caution that must be had with obtaining them, the privacy and sustainability of the variables that they want to collect, that is to have such data in a stable manner.

Likewise, in the round table that took place after the break moderated by our CEO, Nagore Espinosa, the importance of measuring the impact of events was discussed. The session had a great list of professionals:

• Mikel Huarte. Fly Group Net
• Iñigo Argomaniz. Get In
• Fernando Ibarreta. Behobia- San Sebastián
• Mario Goffard. Bilbao Exhibition Center (BEC)

Within this debate the importance of making rigorous measurements that can be undertaken every year to know the evolution of events, taking into account variables beyond the number of participants, and economic return, especially values of environmental sustainability were highlighted and the feeling of residents. Both the specific events and those that recur, as indicated by the participants, have been evolving towards greater sustainability, especially because the audience demands it, therefore the brands are aware and the producers undertake it under said principles. The measurement was evident that it is an intrinsic part of this business, both to know the viability of the projects, as well as to obtain sponsors, as well as the communication and search for the loyalty of the audience that, at the same time, forces us to evolve and advance in new methods for events and therefore new ways of measuring and incorporating more variables.

The conference was attended by the Deputy Minister of Tourism and Commerce of the Basque Government, Isabel Muela, the Dean of the Faculty of Social and Human Sciences of the University of Deusto, Eduardo Javier Ruiz Vieytez and the Director of the Department of Tourism of the University from Deusto, Asunción Fernandez Villarán Ara. And an important moment of the day, was when the prizes were awarded to the best final projects of both campuses, to best interships and recognized the tutors of the companies that have hosted such students. It is a beautiful recognition to students who stand out in their study of different perspectives of the tourism sector and the performance in the real environment of companies and institutions.

Thank you very much for counting on us for this new edition, the
in2destination team is always excited to contribute to provoke reflection among the new generations of tourism professionals

Nagore Espinosa on a UNWTO mission to Myanmar

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Myanmar is undergoing numerous changes in all fronts since its recent democratic elections. Its economy is opening up, including welcoming foreign visitors, not only to Bagan,Yangon and Mandalay, but to many other unique and unspoiled regions of the country. Myanmar citizens hold high hopes for their country under the new government and leadership of the Nobel Peace Prize laureate Aung San Suu Kyi.

Part of the work of the new Myanmar Government has been related to Tourism. The International Trade Center is undergoing a project named NTF III Myanmar – Inclusive Tourism Focussing on Kayah State and UNWTO is collaborating by assessing the Tourism Statistics System at the National level and at Kayah State level. For this assessment UNWTO has relied on Dr. Espinosa as UNWTO expert on Tourism Statistics,

As part of the project there was a UNWTO mission to Myanmar including two workshops led by Dr. Espinosa in Nay Pyi Taw and in Loikaw to raise the awareness on the relevance of measuring tourism under international standards. The contribution of  the Union of Myanmar Ministry of Hotels and Tourism and Ministry of Commerce has been critical for the success of the project and mission and in2destination team would like to extend its deep gratitude.


Nagore Espinosa – UNWTO Consultant – Asia

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Dr. Nagore Espinosa, in her condition of UNWTO consultant, led a UNWTO National Workshop on Tourism Statistics organized by UNWTO upon the request of  the Ministry of Tourism of the Democratic Republic of East Timor – Republica Democratica de Timor Leste in Dili.

The overall objective of theTimor technical mission was to introduce Timor Leste to tourism statistics compilation and management and to assist its officials in setting up a national System of Tourism Statistics (STS). ln other words, the workshop was a capacity-building exercise, providing participants (Ministry officials, Central Bank, National Statistics Office, University, etc.) with the knowledge needed to improve their understanding of tourism statistics, to apply good practices in tourism data collection and to address underlying challenges in developing national STS. Moreover, this workshop facilitated the first meeting of the key institutions that will advance this process: Ministry of Tourism, National Statistics Office, Immigration Authority, University and Central Bank.

Speaker at ¨An Adventure in Big Data¨ organized by Visit Wales

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Screen Shot 2016-01-24 at 13.29.31Visit Wales within the event ¨An Adventure in Big Data – mining digital data to inform tourism marketing and development¨ has invited our CoFounder Nagore Espinosa to present in2destination innovative approach conducted to measure tourism at sub-national levels.

The event, hosting over 200 participants, is being organised by Visit Wales with the collaboration of  Swansea University School of Management and it will take place Thursday January 28th in Swansea (Wales). The program counts with numerous international experts presenting different methodologies allowing to gain knowledge on the efficiency of marketing strategies, and on the territory consumption patterns of visitors.

Destionation Chair for ENTER2016 Int’l Conference

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Screen Shot 2015-12-09 at 14.28.18Nagore Espinosa, in2destination CoFounder, is Destination Chair for the International Conference ENTER2016 taking place in Bilbao from February 2nd to 5th 2016. Within this role as part of the Destination Track, she is organising a set of sessions  jointly with Stephanie Gallob from the European Travel Commission.

ENTER2016 theme is eTourism: Empowering Places and counts with a selected set of keynotes such as AirBnBBBVASEGITTURDFRCTripAdvisor…Within the Destination Track Nagore has organized a session with STR GlobalTrip4Real, and it is supporting  Ticino DMO with their own session with Sketchin.

The 23rd Edition of ENTER Conferences is being organised by  BasquetourBilbao TurismoDiputación de BizkaiaIFITTTecnalia and Vicomtech, in collaboration with CICtourGUNEEuropean Travel Commissionin2destinationwebatelier y Travel Technology Initiative.

We encourage you to register and seize four days of enriching conversations within a fabulous city!

Contributing to Talent Development in Tourism

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Nagore Espinosa and Natalia Restrepo in2destination CoFounders participated in the UNWTO Conference on Talent Development and Education in Tourism organized by United Nations World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) in collaboration with the University of Deusto, taking place December 1st and 2nd 2015, in Bilbao (Spain).

in2destination works to improve tourism education, competitive present and future professionals made aware of smart and responsible tourism.

Thus, December 3rd, as part of the V San Francisco Javier Celebration, entitled “Internacionalization as a professional development opportunity in tourism” organized by the University of Deusto in collaboration with Basquetour and UNWTO, Nagore Espinosa, in2destination CoFounder, was a speaker within the session “Deusto Tourism, a Global Market”. Jointly with other selected professionals the relevance of understanding tourism at a global scale, broadening motives and aspirations of our future generations will be discussed.

Additionally, during this day awards are granted to best internships, as well as to best companies hosting interns. in2destination praises the University of Deusto’s initiative.